Hello! I’m Hui Yi, a Product Manager based in Singapore.

I love working on marketplaces and building products that help people better their lives. My favourite products include Swarm, Airbnb, Product Hunt, and of course, Carousell.

I had wanted to start my own cafe as I loved baking, then I realised that baking and setting up your business are two entirely different things. Somewhere along that journey, I joined Carousell, and developed a passion for startups and technology.

I had an amazing year at Silicon Valley with Loop Commerce, doing marketing and UX research. I was fortunate to be immersed in an incredibly inspirational environment working with talented people. Events like Startup School and SXSW made it all the more exciting to imagine the amount of impact we can make with startups and technology.

In my 4+ years with Carousell’s Product team, I’ve worked on Growth, Community, Monetisation, Trust and Internal products, Chat, Groups and mobile web experiences. I’m currently working on improving the shopping experience for our buyers.

In my free time, I love watching musicals, be it on YouTube, or Broadway, West End, or any tours that visit Singapore. (Talk to me about Anastasia, Book of Mormon, Groundhog Day, Hamilton, or essentially any musical!) My favourite actor is Nic Rouleau, who’s absolutely passionate about what he’s doing.

I am also learning Japanese and have a small YouTube channel dabbling in Japanese covers.

I also enjoy reading books on Cosmology and wonder if I’ll ever see extraterrestrials in my life time.

We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it's forever. - Carl Sagan, Cosmos