Post-China life

I haven’t wrote in over a year or so, mainly because there’s a lot of changes happening in life.

I finally managed to get this site’s domain up and running again! When you don’t do something consistently (in my case, maintain the site and write), you really do forget stuff.

Since my last post, a couple big changes happened — personal and career-wise.

I’ve always intended to write about my China and TikTok experience, but I hesitate. In a sense, I may be trying to suppress what I feel about my experience in general, because I wasn’t exactly happy when I was there. I might become a wee bit emotional if I think too much about my time there.

I left a lot of things behind, and in a hurry — I flew back to Singapore right after my last day at TikTok, so I didn’t have time to settle a lot of financial and housing issues. I didn’t even do proper farewells to the people I’ve met there.

How do you explain that feeling?

I knew I wasn’t truly happy a few months into my China and TikTok life. But I still gained joy in the little things; like having freedom to do whatever I wanted, having my own house, and my colleagues were a bunch of incredibly nice peeps.

Many things can make you feel some form of happiness in life, but you need to choose somewhere where it makes you the happiest.

Priorities have shifted — Since coming back, I’ve spent a lot more time with people I cared about, that I may have neglected some of the things I’ve always intended to do. But of course, there’s no regrets. This is more of a reflection, since I also just came back from a long New Zealand holiday, where I had ample of time to think about life due to the lack of Internet.

This is just a short update post. I’ll get to posting more in the coming days!