14 Apr 2016

It’s exciting, because you’re trying to solve problems that no one else has done before.

And then if you fail, it’s okay.

You fall fast, but you learn so much more from the experience itself.

And then you pick yourself up. It’s just another rock in your path.

You’re going to run, and trip over many more rocks along the way.

You will meet people along your path. People who laugh at you because you tripped and fell. People who are convinced you will never make it to the finish line.

But then you get better at avoiding the rocks. Because you learn from experience. You trip less often.

You learn to climb past hills. You learn to run faster. You learn to pace yourself.

You don’t know when you will reach the finish line.

Will there be a finish line? You don’t know.

But does it matter?

You got better by learning from experience. You enjoyed the process of learning. You enjoyed discovering new ways to tackle the obstacles that come your way.

As long as you are getting better than the year before, the month before, or the day before, it doesn’t matter by how much, you’re improving.