23 Jun 2015

Put up all the user flows!

One can never have enough wall space for brainstorming for ideas. I thought to share how I made some boards that are used by our design team, mainly for user research and mapping of user flows. I was super inspired by this piece so I went ahead to make some.

Since IKEA Benjamin stools were not in production anymore, we decided to use crates instead. The most challenging part of this mini DIY project was just the sawing of the slots for the boards. Once we got past that it’s more or less complete.


Foam core boards can easily be bought at art supply stores; I got ours from University Art.

Because it’s a hassle to physically bring the boards around the office, a dolly was velcro-taped to the crate so that it could be wheeled around easily.



If you want to make some for your team, here’s a list of where I got my materials from:

1 Crates

2 Foam Board

3 Velcro Strips

4 Garage Dolly

This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a few of my buddies, who helped brought back the boards to the office and with the sawing of crates. Have fun!