04 Jul 2018

How does user research help us at Carousell?

At Carousell, each Product team owns a user journey, and I currently work with the team to look at the Community aspect of Carousell. I was previously working on New Seller Success, which focused on getting a new user to his/her first successful sale.

26 Mar 2017

SXSW 2017

South by Southwest this year was nothing short of amazing, but this comes from a person that has only attended it for the 2nd time. Others who’ve been there multiple times might speak a different story.

15 Jan 2017

Just get out there and start asking.

Honestly, it’s been a long time since I went out to ask for feedback on our product. Today, I went out with a fellow teammate and we’ve got super valuable insights for validating our prototypes. To my surprise, it was quite easy, and also insightful to get a different perspective. I’ve forgotten how fun it can be to talk to users.

25 Jun 2016

Twitter Lists

I am a big user of Twitter’s Lists feature. In fact, it is the only way I read my Twitter feed. I like to break my feed down into different areas of interest, and the tweets often seem like they’re grouped in small bunches such that I can catch up with news more easily.

23 Jun 2015

Put up all the user flows!

One can never have enough wall space for brainstorming for ideas. I thought to share how I made some boards that are used by our design team, mainly for user research and mapping of user flows. I was super inspired by this piece so I went ahead to make some.

25 May 2015

Let me know if it's perfect!

Yesterday, I wote a list of resources that I visit and while I tried to explain why I liked Product Hunt, it got me mulling more over about the interactions that happen on Product Hunt itself.

22 May 2015

Resources I find useful

I’ve been keeping a mental list (or I Pocket them) of resources that I go to daily, occasionally, sometimes, whenever I’m bored; as the list expands, I thought to share them here (and will be updated periodically! whoop). They’re mostly related to technology, startups, and design.

15 May 2015

Just for fun

Decided to play around with a better ‘placeholder logo’ kind of image for this site because the previous one is horrendous. It’s always good to be able to look back and critique your own past work.

10 Jan 2015

Exploring nav bar examples

While looking around for inspiration for the site’s nav bar, I came across some pretty interesting nav bar examples that I’d thought to share… they’re by no means the best, and I’m no expert in this particular area.