What can we do in times of covid-19?

I wanted to pen down thoughts on how we can help in times of covid-19.

I am super grateful to have a shelter over me, no lack of food, and job security at this point in time. However, many others aren’t as fortunate.

I must say that I haven’t the most information about how covid-19 is affected people around the world, but here are some common issues I’ve seen and heard.


Workers in the Service sector are severely affected, from taxi drivers to F&B, due to decreased demand for transport and dine-in options. Not to mention the travel industry. This results in income insecurity, and basic needs such as paying rent or purchasing food becomes a constant worry.

Healthcare Sector

Family members working at the frontline, are exposed with the risk of getting covid-19 and potentially transmitting it to their loved ones.

Family Units

We take our home and family for granted. For some, staying at home sometimes isn’t the safest option, nor the most comfortable. Many suffer from domestic abuse or broken family units.

If we look at it from a global perspective:

FACING COVID-19: Jakarta’s Street Food Vendors Source: Our Grandfather Story Street vendors in Jakarta continue to hawk to ensure they have food for their family the next day, despite the risk of contracting covid-19 while being out. What happens if they have no sales?

Coronavirus: India’s pandemic lockdown turns into a human tragedy

India’s lockdown resulted in displacement of its people, with many left unpaid by their employers. Millions of workers are walking days with little food or water to go back to their homes. How long can they last before they reach home? And what does reaching home mean for them?

Some homeless Americans unaware of coronavirus as shelters scramble to adhere to guidelines

The homeless are especially vulnerable. Covid-19 cases sprout from homeless clusters due to overcrowding. There is also unawareness that covid-19 exists, so people aren’t expected to deal with the situation appropriately.

What can we do to help?

If you are wondering how to help people affected by covid-19, here’s a few ways to do so locally in Singapore:

  1. Order from local F&B businesses. There are many ways for you to do so; Grab has its new section on Local Heroes, Carousell has also started new sub-categories on Local F&Bs so you can order from local F&Bs through personal shoppers. Take out food with your personal utensils to help your local businesses reduce cost. Source: Help our local F&Bs
  2. Help migrant workers or others affected, through many funding initiatives started by people on giving.sg.
  3. Sign up for a programme to teach migrant workers English so they can be equipped with better skills.
  4. Stay at home! Flatten the curve to help alleviate the load of our resources and protect your loved ones. I must admit this was the hardest thing for me to do, but it’s something we’d just have to do to help each other tide through.
  5. If you really really have a reason to need to go out, instead of taking the public transport, take a taxi if you can afford it. I personally feel it’ll help the taxi drivers support their families.

These are tough times; we can either choose to let it get to us, or do something about it. If you have the means to contribute, help a fellow human being out by doing any of the above! If you have more ways of helping people affected by covid-19, please let me know, and I’d love to add it to the list above.